Knight's birthday - Table decorations and activities

A beautiful medieval story that takes children back to the age of KNIGHTS AND PRINCESSES...

Everything you need to organize and decorate a sumptuous Knight's birthday with meri meri's pretty "Brave Knight" disposable crockery, garlands, gift bags and all the Chevalier decorations...

Discover our many workshops for children to create shields, armor, swords or crowns.

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What are the characteristics of a successful knight's birthday party?

For your child's birthday theme, it's essential to choose a theme that will fascinate your toddler and his guests. Among the most exciting ideas, the knight theme is very much in vogue for children's birthday parties. Knights, with their courage and armor, have captured the imagination of many children. Organizing a knight-themed birthday party promises an adventure full of exciting activities and festivities worthy of a real medieval tournament. From knightly birthday invitations and knightly gift bags to knightly plates and games, we've got everything you need on our site to make and decorate the most beautiful knightly birthday party, all at the best prices and with fast delivery. The only thing missing for this knight birthday party is a dragon.

The decoration

Birthday party decorations are an essential element in creating the magical atmosphere of a knight's birthday party. Transform the room into a real knight's birthday castle with colorful balloons, crests, stars, flags and cardboard swords hanging on the walls. Use knightly tablecloths and napkins with coat-of-arms or dragon motifs to add an extra touch of chivalry to the party table decorations. For the tableware, you can use knightly plates or knightly goblets... to complete the knightly birthday decor.

To make the knight deco theme even more immersive, you can create cardboard armor and shields for guests. Organize a decorating workshop so they can personalize their own knightly gear. And don't forget to provide crowns for the kings and queens of the children's birthday party!


No child's knight birthday party would be complete without the right costumes. Encourage your children's friends to come dressed as knights, princesses, magicians and other medieval characters. You can also set up a dress-up corner with costumes and accessories for those who haven't been able to prepare in advance.

The cake

Prepare a spectacular cake for the knight deco theme. The knight's cake decoration is very important to immerse guests in the heart of this era. More than sugared almonds, a dragon knight cake would be just the thing.

What activities are available for a knight's birthday party?

A wide variety of exciting activities can be organized to keep your child and his friends entertained on this chivalrous birthday. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Knights' tournament: Set up an obstacle course where children can ride horses. Decorated sticks will be perfect for the activity.

2. Medieval treasure hunt: Design a treasure hunt filled with riddles and clues for young knights to find lost treasure. The tasks can be based on skill challenges, riddles and enigmas linked to medieval times.

3. Crest-making : Offer a personalized crest-making workshop where children can give free rein to their creativity and imagination by designing their own armor.

4. Foam sword-making: Using safe materials, organize a foam sword-making workshop. Children can create their own knights' swords for safe, epic battles.

5. Challenges: Organize challenges that will put young knights' skills to the test. Games such as ring toss, archery or agility courses will plunge them into the world of knights, putting their precision and skill to the test.

6. Medieval storytelling: Parents can recount captivating tales of knights and dragons.

7. Medieval banquet: End the day in style with a medieval banquet where guests can enjoy delicious delicacies in a festive atmosphere. Serve dishes inspired by the Middle Ages and be plunged into the heart of the era.

We also suggest a number of activities to add to the festivities. Children's birthday knights will be entertained by a range of arts and crafts activities. From the creation of crowns and armor to princess and knight castles, we've got it all covered, so your child's friends will have a great time.

What are Rêves et Merveilles' tips for a knight's birthday party?

To ensure that your child's knight-themed birthday party goes perfectly for him and his guests, here are a few practical tips:

Set aside enough time to organize and prepare the event in advance. Draw up a list of tasks to be completed, so that your toddler can help you and feel invested in his or her birthday.

Create personalized invitations with a knightly theme. A knight's birthday invitation can feature images of swords, armor or castles to capture the imagination and interest of your child's guests. Don't forget to mention important details, such as the date, time and place of the party. Your child can also contribute by personalizing the invitations and helping you with this fun and creative task.

Keep children safe by choosing age-appropriate activities and providing a safe environment. Make sure that foam swords are well designed and pose no risk to your toddler and his guests.

Get a camera to capture the best moments of your toddler's birthday. The photos will serve as mementos for the children at the party.

Finally, Rêves et Merveilles offers a selection of products to make the party spectacular. Princess and knight activities are available to entertain guests and diversify activities. A number of decorative elements are also available to inspire and personalize the space. Knightly lanterns, chair decorations, mylar balloons, confetti, napkins, garlands and honeycomb balls... all promise incredible knightly decorations.

Don't hesitate to involve your children in the creation of their birthday, so that you can spend some time together, and so that they feel involved and proud of their birthday.

All these elements will enable you to create a unique and immersive universe for your toddler's themed birthday party. Add a touch of magic to the mix, and you've got a knight's birthday that's just right for your child.

A knight-themed birthday party is a fun way to celebrate a special day like your child's birthday. With the right organization, 100% themed decorations, fantastic costumes and exciting activities, you're sure to create an unforgettable experience for all your toddler's guests. Children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a medieval world with the colors and codes of the era. Rêves et Merveilles gives you a helping hand with decorations and activities for a successful and unforgettable birthday party. Balloons, confetti, armor, wreaths, arts and crafts, garlands and lanterns, all invite themselves to your child's party for an unforgettable moment.

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