The Spanish brand Protocol offers high quality toys. We love the originality of their pedal cars and carriers.

Protocol is a Spanish brand that offers exceptional toys of the highest quality. Charming and original, the Protocol toys appeal to toddlers and parents alike.

In particular, the brand has designed exceptional pedal cars so that your child can drive around happily behind the wheel of his or her adorable racing car.

Discover the Protocol selection and buy a vintage car inspired by the 1930s, a colourful American convertible car or a metal biplane carrier.

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Protocol: a brand with great charm

Inspired by the toys of yesteryear, the Protocol toys please children, but also parents who are nostalgic for the authenticity of their beautiful toys. This Spanish company offers timeless toys to give to a little boy or a little girl. Well known throughout the world for its collection of pewter toys, Protocol carefully selects its partners. On Rêves et Merveilles, you will find a beautiful selection of Protocol toys. You're sure to fall in love!

All Protocol toys

The Protocol cars and carriers are made of chrome-plated metal. They are of excellent quality and can be used both inside and outside the house. In our Protocol toy collection you will find the most beautiful models of children's vehicles:

- The aeroplane carrier: Which child has never dreamed of becoming a real air pilot? The Protocol aeroplane carrier combines solidity and lightness. Inspired by an old mythical plane, it has a metal structure that allows your child to play everywhere and whenever he wants. The Protocol aeroplane carrier offers excellent stability and allows your child to move safely around the house or outdoors. In yellow and grey, or in red, it is suitable for both boys and girls.

- Jeep US pedal car: The Protocol Jeep US pedal car is a real collector's item. It holds a special place in the hearts of children and allows them to learn while having fun. On Rêves et Merveilles, you will find several models of US Jeep pedal cars. Discover the khaki metal pedal car with white star, the white metal ambulance red cross and the black metal ambulance red cross.

- The fire truck pedal car: children are passionate about the job of a fireman. To make your child dream, give them a pedal car that looks like a fire engine. The Protocol fire engine is made of lacquered metal and has a steering wheel. Thanks to its retro look, its metal bell, its fire hose at the back and its 2 removable wooden ladders, your child will never leave it.

- The racing car: Are you looking for a beautifully designed racing car? Your child can take on the historical races in his Protocol racing car. In pink, black, white, green or red... the Protocol racing car is available in various colours to suit all tastes. This beautiful sports car is the ideal toy to stimulate your child's creativity and allow them to invent fun stories. With its rubber wheels, your child will be able to drive safely and confidently on the road.

To ensure your child has a positive experience and uses their adorable vehicle with confidence, it is essential to make the right choice. To do this, select a stable and sturdy car, and prefer metal vehicles such as those offered by Protocol on Dreams and Wonders. In a child's bedroom, in the living room or in the garden, Protocol toys will make the biggest impact.

Carrier car: a must-have toy

The Protocol toys are the promise of learning through play and discovery. Christmas is coming? Is your child's birthday coming up? Would you like to spoil your grandchild, niece or godchild? Slip a pretty baby carriage into your basket and watch the happiness in your little one's eyes. At Rêves et Merveilles, you will find a selection of beautiful carrier cars. Would you like to get your hands on a carrier with an original body? The Protocol red and yellow flame carrier is the one for you! Is your child fascinated by police cars? On Rêves et Merveilles, you will also find a magnificent police carrier in black lacquered metal.

At what age should you give your child a carrier car?

The first carrier car is usually given to a child at around 12 months. In order to fully enjoy his new toy, the child must be able to sit up. Gradually, he or she will begin to use his or her little legs to propel himself or herself forward, under the proud eyes of his or her parents.

The baby carriage is the ideal gift as soon as your little one begins to show the desire to walk. It is an original and fun toy that allows your child to develop his motor skills and balance. It motivates him to continue his efforts to follow mummy and daddy in all their movements. With the carrier car, the child also develops his coordination and leg muscles. It teaches them to better understand the spaces around them, and reinforces their self-esteem. The carrier car is also an excellent way to encourage your toddler's independence and to give him an opportunity to impress those around him.

Protocol carrier cars are made of quality materials that can be passed down from generation to generation, and will stand the test of time and the chase! The Protocol ride-on toys come in a variety of models and colours to suit every child's taste. They are very realistic and allow the child to invent all sorts of scenarios, each more amusing than the last.

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