Birthday confetti - Make a pretty table decoration

Rêves et Merveilles has selected some pretty confetti for your birthday parties.

Birthday confetti is used to celebrate and add a festive and decorative atmosphere to birthday parties. They are usually made of small pieces of coloured paper, plastic or metal that are scattered in the air when thrown or tossed.

Birthday confetti will also be perfect for decorating your tables and sweet table in an original and colourful way.

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How can you use birthday confetti for your kids?

Confetti can be used to decorate birthday tables, birthday cakes, invitation envelopes and party areas. They add a festive, colourful touch to the party atmosphere. If you want to use happy birthday confetti to decorate your party table, place birthday table confetti on your table runner. The paper table confetti will fill the space and match the rest of the party table decoration. In an invitation envelope, match the confetti to the theme of the party. This will give a clue to the world of your child's birthday as soon as you receive the card. Finally, paper table confetti will add extra detail and decoration to your child's cake.

What's more, a very common tradition is to throw handfuls of confetti into the air to celebrate a birthday, just like blowing out the birthday candles. This creates a spectacular and festive visual effect and adds a touch of multi-coloured magic to the party. You can also use happy birthday confetti as a confetti cannon. Some birthday events use confetti cannons, which shoot confetti in all directions, like a pink confetti cannon. This creates an unforgettable moment of surprise for the party guests.

Birthday confetti adds a touch of magic and festivity to a birthday party. They create happy memories and keep the children entertained. You can also distribute a confetti table bag to each child so that they can contribute to the confetti throwing.

What type of confetti is suitable for a child's birthday party?

There are different types of confetti for birthday parties. Here are a few examples:

1. Paper confetti: This is the most traditional and popular type of confetti. They are generally made from coloured paper cut into small shapes, such as circles, stars, hearts, etc. Paper confetti is light, easy to scatter and can be biodegradable.

2. Plastic confetti: This confetti is often made from thin plastic and is available in a variety of colours and shapes. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Metallic confetti: Metallic confetti is usually made from sheet metal cut into small shapes, such as sequins. They add a touch of sparkle and shine to birthdays but can be heavier than paper or plastic confetti.

4. Personalised confetti: You can also find confetti to match the theme of the party. If your child's birthday has a girly theme, paper heart confetti is ideal for the party. Don't forget that successful decorations are all about detail and personalisation. Remember to harmonise the whole decoration, right down to the choice of confetti.

It's important to choose confetti according to the occasion, the environment and your child's preferences. Some prefer to use personalised confetti to play the game to the end, while others prefer flower confetti, heart confetti, etc.

What are the Rêves et Merveilles birthday confetti?

Rêves et Merveilles offers a wide choice of confetti to celebrate the birthday of your toddlers: pink, white, golden confetti, pastel paper confetti and even confetti in balloons. A wide choice at all prices to sublimate your festive table or happy birthday table! We have prepared a selection of confetti to adapt to each birthday of your kids. For these occasions, you can find the Fairy Tale bag with its butterfly confetti in purple, pink, white and black colors. In addition, Espace confetti is also part of the collection. With its rockets, stars and moons, this set is ideal for a birthday on the theme of astronauts. Football is also honored with its confetti in the form of players as well as the theme of pirates.

Similarly, star-shaped confetti sets are offered. Purple, silver and gold are part of the collection to suit all tastes and all types of birthday. Finally, confetti hearts are also present on our site.

In short, confetti plays an important role in your child’s birthday. They participate in the decoration of the birthday but also in the decoration of the party table. Similarly, you can install them on the table runner of the dining table, in the invitation card or on the cake. Launch confetti or confetti cannon, choose the use you want to make. To do this, Rêves et Merveilles offers a wide choice of confetti for each of your children’s birthdays.

In summary, you will find on our site a wide choice of confetti at the best price, color, multicolored or plain (favorite for confetti silver...). Our products have availability dates indicated, delivery can be in France or abroad. Confetti are no longer just accessories for your table decorations or buffet, they have become today an essential element of a birthday party!

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