Rocking toy for Baby - Fun and design, a must-have for the first age

Rêves et Merveilles has selected the most beautiful rocking toys for your children. From the classic wooden horse of our childhood to the more design and modern model of rocking toy, our selection will allow you to find the ideal toy for your child.

The baby rocking toy is a must-have for the early childhood. In complete safety, it allows your little one to develop its autonomy, its motor skills and its balance. It is the perfect toy for early learning, ideal as a gift or on a birth list.

It will also be perfect as a decoration in your child's room.

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This rocking sheep is a lot of fun and makes a great gift for any occasion.  Carved in wood by hand, and in genuine lambswool, the rocking sheep is a concentrate of love, gentleness and authenticity.  Each Sheep is a unique piece. 

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This stool sheep makes a great gift for any occasion.  Carved in wood by hand, and in genuine lambswool, the stool sheep is a concentrate of love, gentleness and authenticity.  Each Sheep is a unique piece. 

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This stool billy goat makes a great gift for any occasion.  Carved in wood by hand, and in genuine lambswool, the stool billy goat is a concentrate of love, gentleness and authenticity.  Each billy goat is a unique piece. 

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What are the components of the children's rocking toy collection?

The Rêves et Merveilles baby rocking toy collection in stock is composed of several products in wood or fabric models. In replacement of the classic horse, we have several games such as the rocking sheep Emil, the stool sheep Gustave as well as the stool goat Bertil which are less classical pieces than the traditional baby rocking horse or child rocking horse, and which of course meet all the safety requirements.

Made from solid wood, like the rocking horse, the Emil rocking sheep is more than safe for your child. Being made from high quality wood materials, the furniture is healthy for your child's development, durable, eco-friendly and easy to maintain. This children's rocking toy is inspired by Scandinavia and offers a realistic visual, design and functionality.

The stool sheep is a carrier that does not have a rocking function. However, as soon as your child touches the ground in a sitting position, your kid can use this piece of furniture. Likewise for the Bertil stool which offers a visual more real than nature and will be perfect in a child's room.

Rêves et Merveilles offers functional and design toys. That's why, the rocking toys that we propose you will be an integral part of the decoration of the room of your toddler. The materials used and the colors chosen have not been left to chance. They have been chosen to ensure the proper development of your child, being also in favor of the environment but also to blend in any style of room of your little one. Their woody tones and light tones will fit in the universe and style of your choice. Just like a stuffed animal, rocking horses will be perfect gifts for young parents with a wide price range.

At what age and height can your children use these toys?

There are different sizes for the rocking toy to suit the age of your toddler.

From a very young age, your child can use a wooden rocking horse. There are rocking animals that can be used from the age of 6 months. Therefore, we recommend a seat height of 28 to 32 cm.

Also, as soon as they are 1 year old, children can start to stand on their own and be able to sit up and control their body. A seat height of 34 to 40 cm is then recommended depending on the size of your child.

Around 18 months, the height can go up to 55 cm and around 2 years to 60 cm. Once again, all these values are given as information and subjective in reference to the development of your child, its corpulence and its growth.

What are the advantages and benefits of these rocking toys for children?

From all the parents' opinions, the baby rocking toy represents many advantages for the development of your child. When your child is on the toy, he or she moves back and forth on his or her feet in order to use the rocking function of the toy. Therefore, the baby rocker toys work on your child's gross motor skills. In addition, the baby rocker also works the upper body of your kid. Holding on to the top and front of the rocking animal with hands and fingers, your toddler's dexterity will be trained, which will help with hand-foot coordination as your child begins to take their first steps.

Balance is a key element in your child's development and the rocking toy is a great help. With the need to stand upright and in the correct posture when rocking, the rocking toy helps your toddler's balance.

This type of baby rocking toy is also an excellent source of fun for your child. Feeling all the benefits on his body but also being master of it, the comings and goings that your child makes on his game will distract and amuse him. But not only that, the fact that it swings can also act as relaxation, calm and soothe your child.

The baby rocker is a nest of benefits for your child. Beyond all these developments, he will also gain self-confidence and awakening thanks to the various functions of his game.

In a few words, rocking toys are a crucial part of your child's development. With the look of animals, Rêves et Merveilles offers you functional toys that are fun but above all designed for the growth of your child but also for the decoration of your baby's room.

Moreover, because of their swing function and their different possible heights, it is necessary to adapt the height of the seat to the corpulence and the growth of your children. Therefore, make sure you know the size of your child before buying the rocker you want.

Finally, the rocking toy represents an infinite number of advantages for your child. Whether it is in terms of awakening, balance, self-confidence or development of motor skills and coordination, these toys are ideal. Its swinging function is beneficial to your child and increases his senses and abilities tenfold.

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