Birthday napkins - Our selection of decorative napkins

Rêves et Merveilles has selected the most beautiful birthday napkins to decorate and enhance your birthday tables. In different colours and sizes, our selection is wide and varied.

As practical as it is decorative, a birthday napkin will add a refined, decorative touch to your table, complementing the plates and cups.

Match it to your theme: Ballerina, Princess, Barbie, Dinosaur, Formula 1 or Pirate...

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How important are children's birthday towels?

When it comes to choosing crockery, birthday napkins play an important role in decorating birthday parties and party tables, so you can organise a lovely happy birthday party for your child.

First and foremost, birthday napkins, like paper plates, have an aesthetic role to play in your child's birthday party. Sold in sets, birthday napkins come in a variety of available colours (pink, white, black but especially more colourful), patterns (such as unicorn napkins or Christmas napkins), materials (paper, cotton wool, cotton) and themes, making them perfect for coordinating the birthday decoration. They can help create a pretty and cheerful atmosphere by adding a touch of colour and style to your home's table decor.

When it comes to hygiene, they're ideal for wiping up children's messes. At a birthday party, there's usually a lot of food, cakes and drinks that can be spilt or get children's hands dirty. What's more, paper napkins are lightweight, easy to handle and easy to dispose of after use. They are more practical than cloth or wadding towels, as they do not need to be washed after use. Using paper towels saves time and makes cleaning up easier for children.

Finally, birthday paper napkins can be personalised with special messages, such as happy birthday napkins, names, photos or drawings related to the birthday theme. This adds a personal touch to the party and makes the theme more memorable for guests.

In short, birthday napkins are important because they help to decorate the party while also being practical for the children. Happy Birthday napkins can be personalised to create a more special experience, immersing children in the party theme and making them even happier.

How do you choose a set of paper napkins for a birthday party?

First of all, it's important to consider the theme of the birthday party. If you've chosen a specific theme with your toddler, such as superheroes, princesses, pirates, unicorns, etc., choose napkins that correspond to this theme and that match the other containers you've chosen. If you don't have a particular theme and you're making an express purchase, think about the colours that you like or that suit the occasion. You can opt for napkins in bright, festive colours, or napkins that match the decor of the room.

Also, consider the materials used for your birthday napkins. Birthday napkins are generally available in paper or fabric. The choice of material depends on your preferences. However, paper napkins are more economical, practical and easy to use, especially for children.

As for the size of the napkins, they are generally available in different sizes. Think about how you'll be using them at your children's party. If you're mainly planning drinks, cocktail napkins will be sufficient. For a full meal with main courses, desserts and a cake, opt for larger napkins for your children. Don't forget the quality of the napkins. Choose napkins that are thick enough to be tear-resistant and absorbent. Finally, make sure you have enough napkins for all the children. Take into account the number of guests you're expecting and plan for a few more. It's better to have too many towels than not enough.

What are the birthday napkins at Rêves et Merveilles?

Rêves et Merveilles offers a wide range of accessories for your children's birthday parties and allows you to buy napkins expressly. Several sets of birthday paper napkins are available to suit every type of event and theme.

If you're having a circus-themed birthday party, we've got just what you need. A set of 16 napkins is available so you can match them to the rest of the room. Plates, cups, cutlery and tables all need to match. Fairy tales, princesses, Barbie and Disney are also present to wipe your children's taste buds. In shades of pink, pastel and girly, these sets will be ideal for joining in the fun.

There's a theme for every child, which is why Rêves et Merveilles is diversifying its collection with napkins on the theme of space, dinosaurs, pirates and SpiderMan. Each of these sets will perfectly decorate the birthday party table.

However, if the birthday decoration is more sober, plain napkins are also available for this type of event and decoration. Red and sequined napkins will be the allies of these birthdays.

In short, birthday napkins are of vital importance in decorating your little one's party. They'll not only personalise the decorations but also help clean up your children's messes. To do this, match the napkins to the theme, but also think about the materials and durability of the napkins. Rêves et Merveilles offers a wide choice of personalised towels so that you can find what you're looking for for your child's party. Princesses, pirates, Spiderman and many others are on the waiting list for your children's birthday party.

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