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Rêves et Merveilles has selected the most beautiful cardboard birthday invitation cards for you. In different colors, sizes or formats, our selection is wide and varied.

Choosing the invitation card is the very first thing to think about before planning your child's party. A successful card will indicate the theme of the party as well as important information to know (time, day, location, etc.)

Match it to your theme: Barbie, Princess, Circus, Space or Formula 1… 

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What is the importance of the birthday invitation card?

Birthday invitation cards for a child's birthday party are important for several reasons.

First of all, the birthday invitation card is used to inform the children's friends, as well as their family, of the date, time and place of the birthday invitation party. They are a formal way to communicate this important information to all guests. In addition, by sending the birthday invitation card, parents can have a more precise idea of the number of guests who will be present at the party. The birthday invitation card helps them better plan activities, food and drinks to ensure that everything goes smoothly at the event.

For children, receiving a personalized children's birthday invitation creates excitement among all the kids. This makes the birthday special from the start and adds a touch of magic to your child's event. Likewise, the birthday party invitation can become a souvenir for children. They can keep them as a souvenir of the child's birthday and remember the good times spent with friends.

Finally, sending birthday invitation cards is a nice way to invite kids to an event. This shows children that their presence is desired and appreciated by yours.

In short, birthday invitation cards for children's birthdays play a crucial role in planning the event, communicating with guests, creating an exciting atmosphere and celebrating a special day for your toddler. They help to make the birthday party memorable for all the guests.

But how do you choose?

To begin with, consider the birthday theme. If you've already chosen a specific theme, choose a children's birthday invitation that matches that theme. For example, if it's a superhero-themed party, opt for a card with superhero illustrations. Likewise, whether it's a pirate or a unicorn, the invitation won't be the same.
You can print out a birthday invitation or choose something ready-made with a happy birthday card. Paper or photo, simple invitation or double-sided model, the key is to choose something of quality with a festive spirit. Birthday cards are always a choice and an important moment.

Also, consider your kid's tastes and personality. Choose a personalized birthday invitation that reflects his or her interests, hobbies or favorite characters. This will make the party invitation more special and meaningful for him.

Birthday cards come in a variety of styles and designs, from the more traditional to more creative options. Choose a style that matches the mood of the party and suits your child's preferences.

When it comes to format, decide on the format of the themed birthday invitation you prefer. Make sure the birthday invitation has enough space to include all the important details of the party, such as date, time, address, phone number and any other relevant information.

Don't forget that the purpose of the invitation is to announce the party and get the kids excited. So choose an invitation card that matches the mood you want to create for this special occasion for your kids.

How to create your child's birthday invitation card?

Making a birthday invitation card is a thoughtful and personal way to invite your child's friends to celebrate this special occasion. Other than a printed birthday invitation, you can also make your own.

Here are a few simple steps to help you create your own invitation card:

Materials required:

1. Pencils, markers, pens in different colors for writing and decorating.

2. Eraser, ruler and pencil for initial drawings.

3. Glue, double-sided tape or glue gun to add decorative elements.

4. Scissors to cut out shapes and details.

5. Stickers, sequins, beads, buttons, or any other decorative elements you wish to use.

1. Choose a theme: Select a theme that matches your child's birthday, whether it's a specific holiday, a predominant color or a general idea that reflects your kid's hobbies.

2. Choose your card: Once you've chosen the theme, opt for a birthday card that fits in with the theme of the party. Choose an astronaut card if the theme is space, or a princess card if the theme is space.

3. Design: Your child can personalize his or her birthday card. With his pencils and utensils, he can draw the pictures of his choice or write the main message, such as "Happy birthday" in the center of the card. Receiving personalized invitations is even more appreciated by children.

4. Decoration: Add decorative details to the card, using bright colors, stickers, glitter or other decorative elements. Be creative and have fun with your child!

5. Photos: If you like, you can add a photo of your child with friends that matches the party theme.

6. Invitation details: On the inside of the card, add the essential details of the invitation, such as date, time, place and any other important information about the party.

7. Envelope: Make sure you have an envelope to fit the size of your card for the guests, and you're done.

Once your card is finished, you can hand it out to the children, or send it by post if you think delivery is quick enough.

What cards does Rêves et Merveilles offer?

In its collection, Rêves et Merveilles offers you a vast choice of birthday cards for your toddler's party, to be adapted according to his age. A wide choice is available. Space is the theme with a set of 8 invitation cards for your child's birthday party. Black, white and blue tones dominate the card. Formula 1 also takes center stage with these visor-shaped invitation cards. Black, white and red are the colors of these invitations. In the form of a car, Formula 1 is also offered in brighter, peppier colors.

For little girls, what would a birthday be without a princess theme? Princess-themed invitation cards are available, as well as a whole range of Barbie cards for the occasion. A pretty invitation box with matching princess rings as gifts is available to play the game all the way through and delight your child's guests. Hearts, pink tiaras... the world of princesses will make your little girl dream. And let's not forget the Disney princesses, who are also present in the form of pink invitation cards and envelopes.

Your children's favorite Disney, Mattel or Pixar heroes are available in the Dreams and Wonders collection, with the Toy Story set in the colors of Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman cards featuring the spider star. Cars is also present.

Finally, a princess suitcase is available. It contains everything you need to create your own invitation card. Pen, sequins, beads, leaves... all are available to create the best birthday card for your child's party.

In short, the invitation card is the very first thing to think about before organizing your child's party. It will indicate the theme of the party, as well as important information to know. For this purpose, Rêves et Merveilles offers a vast choice of products sold in packs at the best prices to suit every one of your children's birthdays. Designing birthday invitations is a real creative hobby where your child can fully express his or her creativity and create invitations that reflect his or her personality. Once completed, they'll be proud to distribute them to all the people and children invited to the event. Creativity and style will be the watchwords of your child's invitation cards, so you can organize the most beautiful birthday party ever!

As adults, it's always nice to receive a nice invitation to a party. So it's a good idea to keep up with the times for your children too.

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