Rattan children's bed: our selection of rattan beds and benches

Here are the most beautiful junior beds in rattan to furnish your child's room: a design and original selection of junior beds made from natural, sustainable and renewable materials. These beds or benches in sizes 90 x 190 or 90 x 200 cm will accompany your child for many years.

You will love the BOHEME junior bed by BONTON, 100% rattan, which brings a bohemian chic and very romantic touch with the plant spirit of rattan.

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This delightful bed 90 x 190 cm  in natural rattan, proposed by the BONTON brand is part of the sublime Bohème collection.

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Why choose a rattan cot? What are its advantages?

The rattan bed is ideal for a child's or teenager's bedroom.

Solid and resistant, rattan is perfect to welcome the nights of your little one or your child who has grown up. We all know children, they sometimes jump on the bed to have fun. From now on, no more worries about the resistance of the support, the rattan child bed is armed to face the madness of your little ones.

A bed made from natural rattan is a long-term investment for your child's nights. Because of the ease of maintenance of the rattan crib, you are guaranteed a piece of furniture that will last a long time.

Rattan can also be used in many types of decoration; vintage rattan, bohemian rattan, Scandinavian... It is very easy to mix the wooden cot with other types of furniture and decorative elements. It is thanks to its woody, natural and uncluttered look that rattan seduces many parents for their child's bedroom.

The look of rattan gives the room a warm, cocooning feel. Above all, children's rattan is constantly being reinvented for your children's bedroom.

What kind of decoration should I use for my rattan bed?

Many children's bedroom decorations are suitable for a rattan children's bed.

The rattan bed reflects a natural, relaxing, soothing and gentle atmosphere. Because of the neutrality of the material and its visual appeal, this children's bed lends itself to many different worlds.

- A bohemian decoration

The rattan child's bed will perfectly fit in a bohemian decoration. The characteristics of rattan perfectly represent this style. With its elegant and pure look, the rattan bed will be ideal for your child's bedroom.

- A zen decoration

The rattan bed will also go very well in a decoration with a zen and natural appearance. The rattan will bring this natural side as a reminder of the sources with its colours, echoing the origin of wood. Combine this with plants and touches of green to decorate your child's room.

- A rustic decoration

A rustic bedroom will be ideal for your child to come and rest in his bed.

Rattan, in the form of wood, is an ideal alternative for bringing an original touch to this type of decoration.

- Scandinavian decoration

The Scandinavian style is also suitable for rattan.

Naturalness, light colours and wood elements characterise this style. Install the baby bed or child's bed in your child's bedroom, where rattan will enhance the room.

Rattan headboards are very trendy and give a cosy effect to the sleeping area and the bed frame of your child. You can add plaids and cushions to accentuate the warm atmosphere and the feeling of well-being for your child.

In a white room, the rattan weave will be enhanced by the brightness of the room.

Why choose healthy materials for your child's bedroom?

Choosing healthy materials for your child's room is important for your child's development.

Take care of the good design of each element of his room and the materials used. This is why Rêves et Merveilles has taken care to select quality products for all its furniture (baby cot, baby bed, child bed, junior bed... etc), including a whole range in rattan.

Choosing a rattan bed for your child is a guarantee of a healthy and durable sleeping environment. This type of furniture and materials are durable, natural and good for your child's health.

The bed is a place where your child will spend many hours every night for years.

Today it is essential to choose materials that, in addition to being resistant, easy to maintain and durable, respond to environmental issues that are totally in line with our times.

The rattan children's bed is the perfect element for your child's bedroom. Strong, durable and environmentally friendly, it offers a whole range of advantages for your child's bedroom. A long term investment that will not disturb your child's sleep for a long time. Remember that a healthy and balanced environment is necessary for the good development of your kids.

Rattan is also the ideal material to blend in with any desired decoration. Whether it's a boy's or girl's room, vintage, bohemian, Scandinavian or even any other atmosphere, a rattan cot or a rattan sofa bed will always be perfect.

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