Birthday table centrepiece - For a pretty table decoration

Rêves et Merveilles has selected the most beautiful centrepieces to decorate and magnify your birthday tables. In different colours and sizes, our selection is wide and varied.

As practical as it is decorative, a birthday centrepiece will give your buffet or sweet table a refined, decorative touch.

Match it to your theme: Ballerina, Princess, Formula 1 or Pirate...

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What is the purpose of a centrepiece for your child's birthday?

A birthday centrepiece is a decorative element placed in the centre of a table next to the cake at a birthday party. The birthday table centrepiece adds a personalised touch to a wooden table and creates an immersive atmosphere for the birthday table decoration. No longer just a simple accessory for decorating the party, centrepieces are also containers and holders for cupcakes, for example, or for some flower decorations made from sugarpaste.

Placed in the centre of the table, centrepieces attract attention and immediately make a pretty and cheerful decoration for the party table by adding a touch of colour (pink, silver, white... etc). They can be larger or white, but above all more colourful or ornate than the rest of the table decoration, making them stand out and captivate children. So remember to match accessories like the table runner, confetti, balloons and birthday decorations to the personalised centrepiece. Choose a cheerful centrepiece to make a pretty decoration and wish your child a happy birthday, whatever their age, they'll love it... The tableware and decorative elements should match the birthday table decoration.

Finally, the centrepiece decoration can also have a practical function, such as serving as a holder for candles, name tags or small gifts for guests. It can also be used to display appetisers, cupcakes or desserts, if it is designed to incorporate compartments or trays.

How do you choose a centrepiece for a child's birthday party?

Choosing the right centrepiece for your birthday table decoration can add a special decorative touch to your birthday party. Rêves et Merveilles offers you a few tips for a successful birthday table centrepiece.

First of all, consider the theme of your toddler's birthday when choosing your table decoration. If you have a specific theme, such as a colour, a cartoon character, princesses, pirates... choose a centrepiece that matches this theme. For example, for a princess-themed birthday, you could opt for a glittery pink miniature castle or a gold crown as a birthday table centrepiece. Also, take into account the size of the table and make sure the centrepiece you choose is well proportioned. A centrepiece that's too big or too small for the size of the table can look unbalanced. Also consider the height of the centrepiece in relation to the children. Make sure it doesn't get in the way of the children during the meal.

It's also important to match the birthday theme table to the rest of the room. Choose a centrepiece that matches the overall colours of your decor. You can opt for flowers, candles, vases or other decorative elements in the colours of your choice. The aim is to create perfect harmony for your kid's happy birthday table. Personalise the birthday table runner as much as possible for a decoration that looks 100% like your little one.

As for the space you need, take into account the space available on the table and the functionality of the centrepiece. Make sure it doesn't take up too much space, to leave enough room for the children's dishes, cutlery and plates. Finally, work out the budget for this type of table decoration. There is a wide range of options for centrepieces, from the simplest to the most original.

What is the Rêves et Merveilles centrepiece collection?

Rêves et Merveilles offers a large collection of centrepieces to decorate your children's birthday table. Our centrepiece stock is available at all prices to create your birthday theme table.

To display your best cupcakes, a Ballerina centrepiece is available for your pink birthday table. Also serving as a cake tray, it will be ideal for combining practicality and decoration. A princess centrepiece is also available, with the same functions as the ballerina-themed one. When it comes to decorating, Formula 1 and princesses are on the menu. These will be ideal for adding a personalised, immersive touch to your child's birthday table. The circus is also present with its cupcake display. Pastel blue and white will harmonise your table.

What's more, treasure chest boxes are available at great prices so you can decorate your birthday table even more.

Finally, Christmas is in the spotlight with a range of centrepieces ideal for the festive season. Fir trees, reindeer and Father Christmas are the perfect symbols to be present on your plates.

The centrepiece is an important part of the birthday table decoration. Take into account its practicality as well as its size and height. The theme of the party is the central element to take into account when choosing your table runner. Coordinate the entire decoration: decorations, crockery, tableware... all must go perfectly together. The colours, theme and proportions must create perfect harmony. To achieve this, Rêves et Merveilles has prepared a selection of the best centrepieces for your children's birthday party, at the best prices. Princesses, ballerinas, Formula 1 and circuses will be your allies when it comes to decorating your table. Some will be used as decoration and others as a support for your treats.

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