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Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate with friends and family. Whether you're organising a party for a child, a teenager or an adult, it's essential to create a festive and happy atmosphere. One of the key elements of a successful birthday table and decoration is the choice of birthday plates.

Rêves et Merveilles has selected the most beautiful cardboard birthday plates to decorate and enhance your birthday tables. In different colours and sizes, our selection is wide and varied.

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How important are cardboard birthday plates for children?

Birthday plates are not just practical objects for serving food. Like paper cups and napkins, plates play an essential role in creating a festive and memorable atmosphere. Colourful, festive plates add a great deal of charm to table decorations and further personalise the space. They also help to highlight the theme of the birthday party, whether it's a superhero, princess, animal or other favourite theme of your children.

There are lots of different types of birthday plates for decorating your child's birthday table. Firstly, there are paper or cardboard plates. Lightweight and economical, paper plates are a practical choice for parties. They come in a variety of colours (white or coloured) and patterns, which is a good option depending on the theme of the birthday decoration. Plastic plates are also available. Reusable, plastic plates are ideal if you're looking for a more robust option. You can find them in an indefinite range of colours, adding a personal touch to your birthday table.

Disposable paper plates offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic and paper plates. They are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, making them an environmentally-friendly choice that we recommend. The paper plate is the best alternative for this type of event. Finally, we have themed disposable birthday tableware.  For example, you can opt for happy birthday plates, happy birthday plates, or paper plates personalised with your child's favourite hero or theme. Opting for themed plates that match the general decoration is a good tip we can give you when buying paper plates.  You can also mix and match with a happy birthday napkin.

How do you choose the ideal children's birthday paper plates?

The choice of party crockery is important for complete harmony in the birthday decoration. To start with, select plates that match the theme of the party. For example, avoid white paper plates and choose plates with pirate motifs for a pirate-themed party, or pastel-coloured plates for a princess party. For a fairytale birthday, a pink birthday is ideal. Pink plates, cups and napkins will be perfect for the event to celebrate the happiest pink birthday possible.

Choose plates in bright, cheerful colours to add a festive atmosphere to your table. Bright colours will liven up the decoration if that's the theme.

For the rest of the table, make sure the plates match the other tableware such as tablecloths, glasses, napkins and cutlery. Choose a set of cups and a set of napkins to match the plates you have chosen. Consistent coordination and harmony of the decorations will give your child a memorable party. Also, consider the size of the plates in relation to the menu planned for your party. In terms of shape, round plates are the most common, but you can also opt for more original shapes if you wish. Choose the ones that best match the theme of the party.

When it comes to practicality, make sure the plates you choose are easy to use. Paper plates are ideal for your child's birthday party. Paper plates are lightweight and easy to transport, making them practical for outdoor parties or events. Their light weight also makes them easy to handle, especially for children. They're also disposable, making them easy to clean up after the party. If you're planning a large party with lots of children, paper plates can be bought in sets, saving time and money.

Finally, determine your budget and look for plate options that meet your price criteria. There is a wide range of birthday plates available in different price ranges, allowing you to find affordable options while finding the perfect tableware for your kid's birthday.

The perfect child's birthday plate according to Rêves et Merveilles?

Rêves et Merveilles has a whole collection of birthday plates for you to buy, so you can create the best table decoration for your little one's party. There's a plate for every theme.

To start with, we have the ballerina plates. With their colourful, girly hues, this type of crockery is ideal for decorating in shades of pink, lilac and white. For a circus-themed party, 2 types of products are available. The first set of paper plates features blue, red, white and green with an elephant in the middle. This set will be ideal for a young child with a passion for animals and the circus. The second set is more detailed and elaborate, perfect for a 10-year-old. The collection also includes princesses, pirates, Hello Kitty and Cars. All these birthday plates will personalise your toddler's theme as much as possible. They will fit in perfectly with the colours and the rest of the decoration. Cowboys and astronauts are also invited to the party. Customised plates with these themes are available on our site. Finally, more traditional plates are part of the collection. Checkerboard plates are available and would be ideal for a Formula 1 themed birthday party. As for the pink and cream plate sets, the Lollipop theme will dominate your toddler's room.

Rêves et Merveilles can help you with all your children's birthdays, from the youngest to the oldest, to suit all tastes. Children are offered the whole range of possibilities with the collection on our site.

Birthday plates are more than just tableware. They add colour, magic and a touch of personality to the birthday party. Whether you opt for paper, plastic or cardboard plates, the choice of designs and colours to suit your theme will create a festive and memorable atmosphere. Paper plates are a great option for birthdays as they are practical, environmentally friendly and versatile. They offer a variety of designs and colours, while being lightweight and easy to use. So let your creativity run wild and turn your birthday table into a real work of art!

Thanks to Rêves et Merveilles, you can personalise your child's decorations as much as possible. Pirates, princesses, Hello Kitty, Cars, ballerinas, Barbie and Christmas are available to bring all the magic your kid's party needs. All you have to do is match the birthday plates to the rest of the decoration and you're done. Combine colours, tones, shapes and the universe of the whole decoration for a successful atmosphere. Rêves et Merveilles accompanies your children into their extra year!

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