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Rêves et Merveilles has put together a lovely selection of children's colouring pages for you to use as creative activities at your children's birthday party. Our children's colouring pages can also be given as little gifts at the end of the party. Something to keep them occupied, and sometimes to spoil them too!

On this page, you'll find a wide range of colouring pages, by theme or by type - our selection is wide and varied.

Match it to your theme: Ballerina, Circus, Fairy, Princess, Dinosaur or Pirate.

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What are the importance and benefits of children's colouring?

Colouring and drawing play an essential role in children's development and offer many important benefits.

Children's colouring and drawing helps to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Holding a pencil, choosing colours and colouring within the lines help to strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers, which is crucial for learning to write and manipulate objects.

What's more, colouring gives children a creative outlet for expressing their emotions and imagination. They can choose colours, create unique combinations and bring their ideas to life on paper. Colouring in a colouring book or making mandalas requires concentration and attention, while giving your child a great deal of pleasure. When children concentrate on a task, it can help them develop the ability to stay attentive for longer, which is useful in learning activities and everyday life. As a calming activity, colouring allows children to relax and focus on something positive. This can help reduce stress and anxiety in children.

Colouring is also an excellent way for young children to learn about colours and shapes. By naming colours and distinguishing different shapes, they strengthen their visual recognition skills. Colouring in animals will also help your child to recognise them more quickly. What's more, given the variety of magic colouring pages that exist and the complexity of some of them, they can improve children's cognitive skills, such as shape recognition, spatial perception, problem solving and critical thinking like learning multiplication tables.

Even before learning to write, children develop their pencil grip and movement control by colouring. These skills pave the way for learning to write later on.

Finally, when children finish colouring, they feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction, which can boost their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. Colouring involves following simple rules, such as colouring inside the lines. This helps children to understand the importance of following instructions and following directions.

In short, colouring is not only a fun activity for children, but also a valuable means of fostering their physical, cognitive and emotional development. They offer a balance between fun and learning, making them an educational and rewarding activity for children.

Finally, a colouring activity requires very few elements: a few crayons, felt-tips and a table!

What types of media can children use for colouring?

A wide variety of materials can be coloured, from paper to embossed objects... Here are some materials that children can colour on, and some tips on choosing them:

First of all, paper. Paper is the classic medium for colouring. It's so easy to print colouring on a single page. You can use different types of paper, such as plain paper, card, watercolour or coloured paper. Thick, smooth paper is generally best for coloured pencils, while watercolour paper is best for watercolours.

Notebooks and colouring books specially designed for children or adults offer predefined patterns and designs to colour in. They are practical because they avoid the need to search for drawings to colour and often have good quality paper. Printed colouring designs are simpler if children don't have any colouring ideas.

For more advanced colouring techniques and your older children, canvases specially designed for painting or watercolour can be used. These canvases offer a durable surface and can be framed once the colouring is finished.

There are also special sticker sets for colouring. Children can colour the stickers on a sheet of paper, then peel them off to use in their own decorative projects.

When choosing a medium for colouring, consider the following points:

the type of utensil your child will be using (coloured pencils, markers, paint), the durability of the medium for the type of colouring you want to do, the age of your children and the purpose of the colouring (relaxation, learning, decoration...).

Print animal colouring pages, print winter colouring pages, or even original colouring pages or children's line colouring pages, or why not star wars drawings, everything is possible and you'll see that your child can spend a long time on their colouring table.

What children's colouring pages are available on Rêves et Merveilles?

Of course there are lots of games for birthdays, but there are also lots of colouring pages with different themes. There are colouring pages based on cartoon colouring pages such as Alice in Wonderland, dragon ball colouring pages, star wars colouring pages and manga colouring pages.

Your child can also find happiness in more basic themes with animal colouring pages, Father Christmas colouring pages and many others.

In our online shop collection, you'll find the Indian tipi colouring set. Your child can add the colours, shapes and shades they want. What's more, we're also diversifying the creative media with the pirate colouring balloon. Your child can personalise their balloon with colouring pictures. Fabric butterflies and 3D butterflies to colour are also available, as are magnets on the same theme of nature and fairy tales.

Bracelets, creation castles, princess crowns and superhero character tablecloths to colour are also available for your children.

Medal designs and placemats are also available in our online shop. Magic wands and tap balls can also be customised.

All these themes and all these materials are available on our site so that your children can express their creativity. Everyone will be able to find the world of their choice and the medium they prefer. Adapt the utensils and materials to suit the medium and the desired result, and it's all done for your children. Now it's up to them to do their thing!

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