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Rêves et Merveilles has selected a wide range of creative activities to keep your children occupied away from the screen or at a birthday party.

On our site, you'll find all your children's favorite themes: princess and knight, space or dinosaur, fairy tale or pirate... You can also make them a superb creative children's box by grouping together several of these activities and give them this magnificent gift.

Do-it-yourself hobbies are the big trend of the moment, and DIY has become an essential part of children's play.

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What are the benefits of creative hobbies for your children?

Creative leisure activities have a number of benefits for your child's development. Translating into manual activities, children's creative activities stimulate your toddler's senses. Otherwise known these days as Do It Yourself or DIY, creative leisure activities are all about doing things yourself.

What is DIY? A creative activity is anything you can do yourself, creatively or otherwise. For example, knitting is a creative hobby, painting, drawing, collage, baking a cake or writing a poem are children's creative hobbies. There are many other activities, such as modeling clay or arts and crafts.

Children's arts and crafts can be done anywhere, at any time of day. As a result, this type of activity offers many benefits to your child's development. First and foremost, these creative activities encourage your child's concentration. These DIY activities enable your child to focus on a single objective. Channelling his thoughts and focusing them on the task in hand, this creative time will require him to think, to imagine and, above all, to aim. As a result, concentration is the only way to productively carry out these creative hobbies.

What's more, a creative activity helps reduce stress in your child. If your child is 100% focused on drawing, painting or whatever activity he's doing, he'll stop thinking about his surroundings and everyday worries. Their concentration will reduce stress and relax them completely. An escape for those children who are used to moving around or who are simply stressed by nature.

Naturally, these activities get your toddler's creative juices flowing, but they're also a great way to release emotions and let off steam. Whatever the activity, it's sure to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity.
These breaks develop your child's senses and dexterity. Often involving the use of hands, creative DIY activities work on limb coordination and precision. Coloring will train your child not to overshoot, drawing will enable him to make pretty shapes, painting will enable him to be precise with attention to detail... all these first activities will develop your kid's abilities in a fun and playful way.

Last but not least, these moments will help him gain self-confidence. Taking the time to think, to realize and to produce, are moments that allow your child to concentrate on a project that's close to his heart. Doing something on their own will boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

But above all, these are real moments of sharing that you can realize with your toddler. A good way to cut yourself and your child off from the screens that dominate our daily lives. A break to share with your family that will give you a perfect moment of happiness.

What does Rêves et Merveilles have to offer?

That's why Rêves et Merveilles offers you and your children a wide range of accessories and creative leisure materials for those special moments. On our site, you'll find a wide range of in-stock products at all prices, complete with instructions, as well as a whole range of supplies for creative ideas, from jewelry-making with beads, thread and embroidery to sewing, flowers, sticker and sticker sheets, modeling clay, scrappbooking kits and more.

We'll start with girls' activities, such as the creation of a bracelet using pearls and butterflies. This creative kit, delivered in just a few days, will enable your little one to exercise her precision and imagination, and wear something she's created herself.

The knight activity is also part of the collection. Does your child want to dress up? Make way for DIY. With this kit, he can draw, decorate or paint his own knight's armor, which will then become a pretty decorative element.

Sticker boards are also available to personalize your toddler's everyday objects. Then framed, they'll be the perfect decoration for your child's bedroom.

Products such as sets of 4 foam pirate captain's hats are available for making your own pirate hat. What could be more satisfying than wearing what you've created?

Paper wreath sets are part of the collection. Your children can add the designs and colors of their choice. A real creative space to let their imagination run wild. Whether you're coloring in a superhero tablecloth for your toddler's birthday, or creating magic wands, Rêves et Merveilles' children's creative hobbies cover all fronts and activities.

Numerous sticker sets are available in a variety of universes: animals, circus, fairies or dinosaurs, the choice is yours.

A variety of coloring media are also available. Drawings to color, wooden tap balls to personalize or teepees to create, these multi-activity boxes are suitable for all tastes and arts.

But coloring isn't the only manual activity on offer: you can also recreate animals or 3D characters to create wooden toys. Rêves et Merveilles offers pretty wooden dinosaurs for your child to rebuild, or cowboys to reconstruct.

Your children can create their own bracelet in the colors of their choice with the Far West activity, or immerse themselves in the desired universe with the Princess or Knight castle to build and color.

Animals are always close to our children's hearts, so they can create dinosaurs, horses or butterflies in the colors, shapes and associations of their choice. A real brain-teaser that will get them working on their inner creativity.

In this category, Rêves et Merveilles has selected all the creative hobby supplies you need to keep your children busy, and why not put together a magnificent creative box to give as a birthday present.

What's the best time to do arts and crafts with your children?

Any occasion is a good one for handicrafts. At your children's birthdays, you can organize a "manual activity" session for everyone to enjoy. Everyone can do the hobby of their choice and express their personalities to the full.
Likewise, on family weekends, these creative activities can represent a real moment of sharing; during the week it's homework, but on weekends it's time to relax and create. These moments will relieve your child of all the pressure of the week, making him feel good and relieved of the pressures of everyday life.

As you can see, these activities are an avalanche of benefits for your children. Concentration, stress reduction, dexterity and many other benefits will help your kids.
A multitude of materials are available to help your child express his or her creativity. Coloring, drawing, creative games, costume customization and toy personalization are all available at Rêves et Merveilles in the world of your child's choice. Princesses, cowboys, fairies, pirates, dinosaurs and knights all offer creative hobbies to entertain your children in their daily lives. These diverse accessories will energize your child's mind and spirit. Get them used to this type of activity from an early age. It's a great way to encourage personal development rather than digital technology and screens. Weekends, birthdays and sharing time: creativity always has its place in your children's daily lives.

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