Birthday candle - A pretty decoration for your cake

Rêves et Merveilles has selected the most beautiful birthday candles to decorate and enhance your birthday tables and cakes. In different colours and sizes, our selection is wide and varied.

As practical and useful as they are decorative, birthday candles are a must-have for children's birthday parties, as well as those of older children. A fancy candle will add a refined, decorative touch to your cake.

Match it to your theme: Ballerina, Princess, Fairy or Space...

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What type of candles are there for your children's birthdays?

There are a multitude of candles for children's birthdays.

Firstly, there are the classic cylindrical birthday candles. These are the traditional candles in the shape of cylinders, generally white in colour, but can also be pink birthday candles, for example. They come in different heights, from a few centimetres to a few dozen centimetres, and in different colours, and will look great on any cake as a happy birthday candle.

Then there are the number birthday candles, such as a pink number candle or a sequined number birthday candle. These are candles in the shape of numbers that represent the age of your child celebrating their birthday, such as a large pink number 5 for your little girl. They are often used for milestone birthdays, such as 1 year, 18 years, 30 years... but can be used at any age.

Letter candles are also on the market. These are birthday candles in the shape of letters that can be used to write a personal message, the name of the birthday child, or a message containing the letters Happy Birthday.

Candles in the shape of animals or objects are also available. These candles are designed to resemble animals, flowers, cakes or other themed Happy Birthday candles.

Magic candles are also known as sparklers. They produce sparkling sparks when you light them, adding a festive and joyful touch to your child's birthday.

Finally, there are LED candles, scented candles, glitter candles and personalised candles.

LED candles are generally flameless and use LED lights to create the effect of a traditional candle. They are ideal for birthday cakes where the use of a real flame is not desired.

Scented candles have pleasant fragrances that waft through the air when you light them, or personalised candles with special messages, photos or unique designs to make the birthday even more special.

The number birthday candle, the glitter birthday candle, the letter candle or the personalised candle and all the others will be perfect for celebrating your child's birthday. The options are virtually endless, and you can choose the ones that best suit your child's personality and tastes.

How do you choose the best birthday candle for your child?

Rêves et Merveilles offers a few tips and tricks for choosing the best happy birthday candles. When decorating your child's birthday cake, take the birthday theme into account. The birthday theme is the central element of the party. If you have a specific theme for your child's birthday decoration, you can choose candles that go with it. Choose a birthday candle set that coincides with the theme of the room. For example, animal-shaped candles for a jungle-themed party, or superhero-shaped candles for a superhero-themed party will be perfect.

Also, consider the age of your child. If you're choosing number candles to represent your kid's age, make sure you choose the appropriate number candle as your product. Number candles are available in different sizes and styles, so choose the one that best suits the age being celebrated and your toddler.

Also, consider the size of the theme birthday cake. If you've already chosen the candle birthday cake, take its size and shape into account when choosing the candles. Make sure that the candles you choose fit the surface of the cake and are not too big or too small.

If you want to add a special touch to the party, you can opt for musical candles, sparkling candles or LED candles to create lighting effects to make your child and their friends dream.

Finally, a few practical tips:

Think about the quantity and number of candles you need. Decide how many birthday candles you want to use. If you're using the birthday candle figure, one candle is enough. However, if you want to use cylindrical candles, you can choose to use as many as your child's years.

The materials used are also important when choosing candles. Birthday candles can be made of different materials, such as wax, plastic or even flameless LED candles. Choose the material that best suits your preferences and the atmosphere you want to create.

Finally, if you want to add an extra touch to the birthday candles, you can opt for decorative candle holders, confetti or glitter to make all the children at the party dream even bigger.

Don't forget that the main purpose of birthday candles is to celebrate and add a touch of joy to your child's party. Choose candles that reflect your child's personality and tastes.

Rêves et Merveilles and birthday candles: what does it mean?

At very reasonable prices, Rêves et Merveilles has prepared a selection of birthday candles in stock to celebrate your child's extra year.

To do this, we offer a wide range of products and styles to suit all tastes, all birthday candle prices, all styles but especially all ages.

Here are a few sets available on Rêves et Merveilles.

Firstly, we have the set of silver star candles. All metallic in colour, they'll be ideal for a space-themed birthday party or, on the contrary, a princess or fairytale theme. This type of set can be used for a multitude of birthdays.

Then there are the pink heart birthday candles. In red, purple and pink, these candles are retro, peppy and girly. Then there are the ballerina-themed birthday candles and the fairytale birthday candles. These sets are ideal for your little girls' birthdays. Once placed on the cake, they'll be perfectly in keeping with the theme of the party. Space is also part of the collection, with a set of candles featuring several different candles to vary the decor and surprise your little one. Rocket, astronaut and planet are the main components of this set.

Similarly, what would a collection be without the pink princess theme? That's why Rêves et Merveilles offers 2 types of product. We have a whole set featuring princesses on each candle. Or, a large princess birthday candle is also available. Finally, flower candles add a colourful, festive touch to the party.

In short, birthday candles are very important for celebrating your child's birthday. Available in a multitude of styles, sizes, universes and candle prices, there's something to suit every taste. Cylindrical candles, number candles, letter candles, LED candles, magic candles, scented candles and personalised candles are all available to celebrate your child's birthday.

That's why you need to take a number of criteria into account when choosing your candles. Make sure you take into account not only the theme of the party, but also the age of your child in relation to the candles chosen. Think about the size of the cake and your child's passions, so that you choose the right ones. Rêves et Merveilles has prepared a whole collection for your child's party. Themes include princess, astronaut, ballerina and fairy tale. The inevitable Happy Birthday candles are also part of the collection, as are the heart, flower and star sets. All these products are available on our site to please all the children who want them, and above all to add magic to this moment filled with love and joy.

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