Wooden doll's house - A toy to stimulate the mind and imagination

The wooden children's doll's house is an ideal toy to give to your children. This toy will help them develop their imagination, awareness and dexterity. Playing make-believe is an essential part of your child's intellectual development, and they'll be able to spend long hours playing with their dolls' house.

A wooden children's doll's house is also a very pretty and decorative toy for a child's bedroom. It can be passed on to future generations. It's the perfect gift.

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What are the various advantages of wooden doll's houses?

Wooden dolls' houses are a toy that has fascinated children for a very long time. These early-learning toys offer children an imaginary world where they can create their own stories and immerse themselves in the world of their choice. There is a wide variety of children's dolls houses where children can explore their creativity. Among them, the wooden doll's house is full of advantages and benefits for your toddler and his friends.

Wooden dolls' houses are ideal playgrounds for children's imaginations. By creating scenarios, inventing stories and playing with the characters, children can explore different roles and games. This type of toy not only encourages self-expression, but also stimulates children's creativity and imagination. Children can create the world of their choice, where they are the masters of their own story.

These accessory wooden early-learning toys offer the possibility of role-playing, enabling children to imitate and reproduce everyday situations. They can play the role of parents, children, neighbours or fairy-tale characters. This type of play encourages children to develop an understanding of roles, life and certain situations without even realising it. Children learn to interact with each other, negotiate, share and develop communication skills through these creative pastimes.

What's more, handling small wooden accessories, furniture, characters or animals, like the furniture in a wooden dolls' house, requires children to work on their coordination. Children move the objects around and put them together, which stimulates their motor skills. This activity also helps to develop their concentration and patience.

Children's wooden dollhouses are also made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials, such as natural wood. Unlike plastic toys, which are fragile and easy to break, wooden dolls' houses are sturdy and shock-resistant. Respectful of the environment and concerned for the planet, the wooden doll's house responds to environmental issues that are good for the planet and good for your child's development. What's more, because they are durable and ecological, they can be passed down from generation to generation, becoming objects of sentimental value for all the children in the family.

Last but not least, wooden dolls' houses offer a moment of sharing between you and your children.

Our list of dolls' houses includes dolls' houses at all prices: the dovetail dolls' house, the maileg dolls' house, the leaf dolls' house and the little friends dolls' house - the list is not exhaustive.

At what age can you start playing with dolls' houses?

Dolls' houses are toys that are suitable for different ages and can provide hours of creative play and imagination for children. These creative hobbies offer plenty of scope for children to make up stories and imagine characters.

From a very young age (1 year), children can start playing with dolls' houses using simple, age-appropriate models. Dolls' houses made of hard plastic or fabric with large figures are best suited to this age group. Dolls' houses will help toddlers develop their coordination and motor skills, while stimulating their creativity.

Around the age of 3 or 5, children can play with larger dolls' houses with lots of parts and accessories. Wooden dolls' houses with removable furniture and adapted characters are recommended.

By the age of 6, children can enjoy more detailed, larger and more realistic dolls' houses. Miniature dolls' houses with meticulous accessories and realistic details can captivate them even more. They can create more complex imaginary worlds.

Make sure that the size and height of the dolls' houses are appropriate for your child's build and height. It's important that they can access all their games and play with every possible feature.

Dolls' houses are often a popular gift for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions. It's important to consider children's abilities, ages and interests when choosing a dolls' house.

As a result, dolls' houses are suitable for different ages, offering optimum opportunities for imaginative and educational play and learning. Whether for toddlers or older children, these toys stimulate creativity and imagination.

What do the Rêves et Merveilles dollhouses look like?

Rêves et Merveilles offers you several types of doll's houses with different universes and functionalities, all from the kidkraft maison poupée collection. Firstly, we have the kidkraft Pénélope dollhouse, which is over a metre high. With its pastel colours and chic, refined decor, the house has almost 4 rooms with dolls' furniture. These include the dollhouse kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. This dollhouse can accommodate dolls up to 30 cm high.

We also have the kidkraft Amélia dollhouse in stock. These girly black and pink wooden houses feature a wide variety of furniture. The house has 3 floors, a terrace, a staircase and a lift. The house also features colourful furniture, including a four-poster bed and a chandelier. This house is ideal for your little girl who loves girly decor.

The Savannah wooden doll's house is more sober and classy, and can also accommodate dolls up to 30 cm tall. It also comes with doll furniture, 4 floors and 2 terraces. This house offers lots of possibilities for your child's play.

The Annabelle house, on the other hand, offers a more romantic and warm décor. With shades of blue and pink, this house is perfect for your little girl's princesses.

Finally, there's the large wooden doll's house known as the Villa Country Estate. This 4-storey villa has 30 rooms of furniture, a garage and a pretty patio. This type of house will be perfect for your child's stories imagining the life of a small family. With its peppy, colourful decor, this villa will give your toddlers plenty of scope to play Barbie.

Rêves et Merveilles offers a wide choice of wooden dolls' houses. With its many advantages and virtues, this type of toy helps your children develop motor skills, concentration and patience. What's more, creativity and imagination are the first skills to be acquired with these early-learning toys. Role-playing, stories and characters will help develop your children's abilities. You can also adapt the doll's house to your child's age. Make sure your child is tall enough for each type and height of house. Choose the house you need from the Rêves et Merveilles collection. Romantic, girly, bohemian or large villa, the choice is yours and your children's for fun and entertainment.

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