Birthday gift bag - To fill with goodies and sweets

Rêves et Merveilles has put together a very pretty selection of birthday gift bags
so that the children invited to your birthday party can leave with little gifts.

In different colours, sizes and materials, our selection is wide and varied.
It's up to you to fill these pretty bags with little toys, goodies, sweets or other treats. Remember to match the birthday gift bag to your theme: Ballerina, Princess, Barbie, Circus or Pirate...

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Why use birthday gift bags for your children?

The birthday gift bag is often used for a number of reasons. Firstly, the birthday gift bag is often designed to be attractive and festive, with colourful motifs such as cards, cheerful images and birthday messages. The gift wrapping bag or gift box is usually chosen according to the theme of the birthday party and adds a personalised touch to the child's birthday decor and helps to create a festive atmosphere.

What's more, like pouches, cardboard or kraft bag gift boxes are easy to use. Simply place the gift(s) inside the pouch or bag, close it and hand it to the children. They often come with handles, making them easy to carry, especially for toddlers. The birthday gift bag can also be used as a souvenir for guests, who can take away a decorative item in keeping with the birthday theme.

Similarly, the themed gift bag offers a degree of discretion by hiding the contents of the present. This can be particularly useful if you want to keep the surprise until the gift is opened. As well as the surprise, the personalised birthday bag gives the gift some protection, especially if the contents are fragile or likely to be broken.

Finally, the birthday gift bag saves you time compared with traditional gift wrapping. You don't need to cut, fold and tape paper gifts, which can be a time-consuming and sometimes tricky process. The gift bag can also be reused. Unlike wrapping paper, which is often thrown away after use, gift bags in good condition can be kept and reused for other special occasions.

In short, the gift wrap party bag offers practicality, aesthetics and protection, making it a useful choice for gift wrapping bags for birthdays or even Christmas.

What should guests put in their birthday gift bags?

Once you've sent out the invitation cards, when you're preparing the birthday gift bag for the children, it's important to choose items to put in the bags that match their age, interests and preferences. Here are some ideas of what you can put in paper gift bags for children, whether it's a white gift bag, a kraft paper bag or a themed gift bag such as princess gift bags or coach gift bags.

To kick off this festive surprise, you can include a little notebook, little figurines, miniature cars, bouncing balls, puzzles, yo-yos, spinning tops, little cuddly toys, key rings, mini board games, trading cards, a black mask... these kinds of miniature games always delight children and get their creative juices flowing. Stationery items are also an excellent idea for happy birthday gift bags. Coloured pencils, felt-tips, notebooks, notepads, erasers, rulers, stickers and colouring books will all come in handy.

Accessories linked to the theme of the party can also be included in your gift bags: whistles, masks, luminous bracelets, pearl necklaces... will make children happy. Finally, children mean sweets. Sweets, little bags of treats, chocolate bars, lollies... are always a delight for children.

The paper gift bag is a great way to please children and your child's guests. They'll go home with a bag full of treats and memories of the party. Don't forget to adapt the gifts to the age of the children, so that the birthday party can continue even after the party is over. Toys, colouring books, sweets and accessories will be your best friends when it comes to birthday gift bags.

What gift bags does Rêves et Merveilles offer?

For these occasions, in the collection of its online store, Rêves et Merveilles offers you to purchase a selection of gift bags to please all children of the birthday of your kid.

To do this, in our stock, there is for all tastes and prices, in large quantities or individually, kraft or paper simple or colored, large or small size, Rêves et Merveilles adapts to all themes of children. First, you will find the ballerina bag and the set of 20 gift bags for a 100% girly pink birthday at the heart of the ballet. Princesses, Disney and Barbie are also honored with 4 different types of bags with their effigy. The field of possibilities is open to your little girl to please her friends. Similarly, Spiderman and Toy Story are also in the game with their sets of 6 respective gift bags. You can include masks of their favorite heroes, sweets and everything that fits into the theme. The circus is also honored with its dedicated gift bags and gift boxes shaped treasure chest, enough to be 100% in the theme of the party. Lollipop, fairy tales and pirates are also present with their respective bags available in bulk on our site and fast delivery.

This wide choice allows you to adapt to any birthday for the enjoyment of all children and parents.

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