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Rêves et Merveilles has put together a lovely selection of creative activities for children to enjoy at birthday parties. There's plenty to keep them busy, and sometimes even to dress them up!

On this page, you'll find pirate or princess activities, such as hat or crown creation, as well as cowboy or sheriff masks for children to make.

Our favorite is our set of 4 superhero masks in silver glitter. So rock!

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How to create a children's disguise mask hat?

By all accounts, creating a child's mask hat for a birthday party is a fun activity for children aged 3 and over, and adds a personalized touch to the party.

First of all, choose the shape of the mask hat according to your desires and the theme of the party. For a pirate birthday party, in addition to the black hat, an item like the children's bandit mask is ideal. Making a felt bandit mask will be a fun and easy activity, and it's up to you to adapt the size to the children invited.

Then it's on to the next stage, where your child can give free rein to his or her creativity. They can decorate their children's bandit hats as they wish, or customize their Zorro mask, children's vigilante mask, black or colored. Your child can decorate the mask with bright colors, festive patterns or sequins... whatever matches the birthday theme. You can add extra decorative elements to make it unique and special, with hat details for example. Bandit hats and masks are additional birthday accessories.

Be sure to secure all decorative elements so they don't come loose during the party, and you're all set for your kids.

The children's mask and birthday hats are now ready! You can create several for all the children, or each of them can make their own during the party. It's a great way to make the party even more memorable and fun for everyone. Don't forget to think about winter and the Christmas party, and why not make some winter hats?

What products are in the Rêves et Merveilles collection?

On its website, Rêves et Merveilles stocks a vast selection of children's bandit mask products, as well as baby hats, perfect for baby showers, which can be used as games and even as decoration amidst confetti.

You'll find plenty of activities for kids to customize and personalize their hats and masks. Among our best-selling toys, there's the set of 4 foam pirate captain hats to decorate, to be adapted according to age, as there are small foam pieces. Kids will be able to make the best hat with this kit. Princesses are also present with their own foam crowns to decorate. As for knights, they can create their own crowns or masks, which make perfect disguises and great gifts to take home at the end of the party.

Pre-designed sets are available, including a set of 4 superhero masks in silver glitter, or masks straight out of the Wild West and cowboy hats. Children with a knight's soul can also enjoy the set of 4 pre-decorated masks. Animal masks are also available for coloring. Your children can make their own masks to suit their tastes and desires. Finally, there's a coloring activity for princes and princesses.

All that's left is for your children to determine their favorite theme and choose the activity that suits them best.

On Rêves et Merveilles, the selection is wide and varied, perfect for a wish list, at the best price and with fast delivery. Highly recommended!

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