Bloomingville - The Danish brand of quality designer furniture

Discover our selection of products from the famous Danish brand BLOOMINGVILLE: a wide range of furniture and decorative elements for your children's rooms.

Bloomingville is one of our favourite brands. In addition to being one of the famous Danish design houses, the brand offers furniture for every room in the house. The Rêves et Merveilles selection focuses on furniture and decorative accessories for the little ones, but we also wanted to offer you some of our favourites for adults.

Simplicity, Scandinavian design, quality and harmony are the key words of Bloomingville furniture.

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The Felucca chaise longue is an excellent decorative accessory but also perfect for a bed. Designed by BLOOMINGVILLE, this green meridian sofa with a rattan base is a real designer piece of furniture. This furniture would be ideal in your toddler's room. The Felucca chaise longue is ideal for playing or resting. It will accompany your child whenever...

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The Nell wardrobe is a wall-mounted Wardrobe with purple tones and a clean graphic. The door of the wardrobe is designed with rhombuses that intertwine all over the surface. The brass-coloured handle adds a lot of charm and enhances the purple of the cabinet. This BLOOMINGVILLE wardrobe is composed of 3 shelves which will be used to store your children's...

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These 2 woven rattan storage baskets were designed by BLOOMINGVILLE, they will be perfect in your child's room to store his toys and small stuff. The baskets are decorated with an adorable dog and cat face, with the dog's ears hanging and the cat's ears erect. In addition to bringing an original and decorative touch to your child's room, the Milus baskets...

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This large wall shelf in the shape of a panda head or a little teddy bear has been designed by BLOOMINGVILLE. It will be perfect as a large storage bookcase in a child's bedroom. The Ghalia rattan bookcase contains several compartments for books, small toys or other decorative items. In addition to bringing an original and decorative touch to your child's...

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This very large wall shelf in the shape of a giraffe was designed by the brand  BLOOMINGVILLE, it will be perfect as a large storage bookcase in your child's room. Its height of almost 1m50 makes it almost as impressive as a real giraffe! The KALU Rattan Giraffe Bookcase contains several storage compartments for books, small toys or other decorative...

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This lovely bamboo bench from BLOOMINGVILLE is as stylish as it is clever and functional. Indeed, it is also a very practical storage box to put toys, books or other small objects. This children's bench made of natural bamboo will bring a bohemian touch to your interior, a child's room or an entrance hall. The bamboo sticks are linked together to form a...

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In the shape of an elephant, the BLOOMINGVILLE bookshelf isoriginal, stylish and functional. It has been designed from Bankuan grass. With several storage compartments, your child will be delighted to store his toys. The Elmar bookcase will perfectly fit in your child's room, either on the floor, on the wall or on your kid's desk. A decorative element...

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The BLOOMINGVILLE game table is a 2-in-1 table, with a table top and a storage area for your child. The green colour of this game table is ideal for your child's room. It adapts to his needs and desires. Playing, tidying up, having fun and tidying up are the key words of this nice furniture for children. IN STOCK

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Rêves & Merveilles - Créateur de rêves d'enfants

Who is the Bloomingville brand? Its commitments and products?

Bloomingville is a Danish brand of furniture and decoration for parents and children. Rêves et Merveilles has selected a few products to decorate and fit in your toddlers' bedroom and in the living room of your house.

The Bloomingville products proposed on Rêves et Merveilles are most often designed from rattan.

Rattan is an excellent material for decoration, especially for children. Being a material at the same time responsible and practical, it represents in decoration a healthy and sure option for a daily use by your kids.

Easily modulated due to the flexibility of rattan's vegetable fibres, it can appear in different shapes and visuals. This is why Bloomingville offers multiple types of storage units with an original style and design.

Concerned about the planet and its environment, Bloomingville is BV-COC_16565 certified. In other words, the brand is supported by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which is committed to the responsible management of the world's forests. Once certified by this organisation, Bloomingville is allowed to use materials that support responsible forestry. A good way to make children's furniture in a safe and respectful way.

In addition, Bloomingville promises products that are free of chemical substances that are harmful to children and parents. These products have been tested beforehand and are completely safe.

What products are offered and for what purpose?

The products offered by Bloomingville are made from natural Bloomingville bamboo. The Bloomingville stock at Rêves et Merveilles translates into different types of storage in each collection.

Bloomingville offers several models of shelves for your children such as the wall-mounted bookshelf or the bookshelf. Both offer completely different visuals: one with a panda for the wall decoration, the other with a giraffe.

Both pieces of shelving are made from natural rattan fibres and will be perfect for decorating your child's room.

Moreover, the Bloomingville collection at Rêves et Merveilles does not stop there.

Bloomingville decoration proposes the Bloomingville set of 2 storage baskets in woven rattan, ideal for your children's bedroom.

The set is composed of 2 baskets with 2 different sizes. You will find a 38 x 38 cm basket and another one of 55 x 45 cm.

Thanks to these two natural coloured rattan blocks, your child will be able to enjoy storing his toys and things. A decorative element which combines the useful with the pleasant and which allows to bring this playful and nice side to the storage of your child's room.

In addition to being practical, these baskets have a rather original look. For example, you will have the dog basket with its suspended ears made of natural bamboo and the wise cat.

Finally, you will have the children's bench storage box. Made of bamboo wood, this storage box is designed, functional and practical. You can add a cushion for a more comfortable style.

Once again, Bloomingville relies on both visual and useful efficiency for its various products in stock. Thanks to the box under the seat of the bench, your toddler can store his books, toys and stuffed animals.

This bench brings back all the authenticity, the cachet and the charm of bamboo in your child's room. The material used will give a bohemian and chic look to your kid's space.

Will the brand go further with other Bloomingville products?

The Bloomingville brand also offers furniture for children and adults.

The Bloomingville coffee table is a must-have in its collections. Once again, design and functionality are the key elements of this collection, with models that are always more original than the others. With its unusual shapes and pure, plain and elegant colours, wood and glass are the central elements in the composition of the Bloomingville coffee table.

A table is a chair. A whole range of comfortable, unique and chic furniture is available for this type of furniture.

The Bloomingville stock extends to sofas, benches and beds. Always in a modern and minimalist spirit, the lines of this furniture are soft and perfectly designed. We also love the Bloomingville side table, the desk and, of course, the lamp and hanging lamp, both wall-mounted and not.

In addition to furniture, Bloomingville is also into tableware. The multi-faceted brand offers various models of the Bloomingville stoneware plate, the Bloomingville bowl or the Bloomingville cup, pot, mug or glass, all of which are available as table sets. A brand that accompanies you and your children at all times of the day in all aspects.

You can combine these different pieces of furniture with the various storage units available at Rêves et Merveilles for your children's room.

For the festive season, Bloomingville also offers a Christmas collection to immerse you in the heart of the holiday season. The Bloomingville bauble is a must-have for your Christmas tree. Add to this the Bloomingville plaid by the fireplace with a nice hot chocolate and you're ready for this winter season.

Bloomingville has a very large catalogue that offers you the possibility to make a whole decoration with its products. From the smallest decorative object to the largest piece of furniture in your home, Bloomingville knows how to be loved.

Bloomingville, a furniture brand for children and parents, has a wide range of products and worlds at attractive prices.

Both environmentally conscious and committed to the exploitation of forests, Bloomingville promises responsible and sustainable furniture. Made from wood and in particular rattan plant fibres, the brand offers various shelves and bookcases at Rêves et Merveilles. Its different supports guarantee a large storage capacity and bring a playful aspect to the storage of your children's room.

In addition to the Rêves et Merveilles collection, Bloomingville goes further in its online shop. It offers a wide range of furniture, decorative objects and interior elements that will accompany you on a daily basis.

The safety of the products, the durability of the supports (with metal sometimes used) and the solidity of the furniture allow you to benefit from long-lasting furniture that will be there for years. Their composition allows you to benefit from easy to clean supports, very practical for parents with young children.

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