Children's birthday games - Creative activities, colouring, DIY, Pinatas

Rêves et Merveilles has put together a lovely selection of creative activities for children to enjoy during birthday parties. Our selection of birthday games is fun, original and festive. Enough to keep the kids busy for hours...

On this page you'll find lots of products to liven up a birthday party, by theme or type, creative activities such as making necklaces, masks, tiaras or crowns, as well as Do It Yourself activities, colouring or pinatas...

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How important are birthday games for your children?

Children's birthday games are of crucial importance at a children's birthday party for several reasons:

Firstly, children's birthday entertainment stimulates their imagination. Creative games encourage children to use their imagination and creativity. They can express themselves freely, which encourages their development and their ability to think out of the box. Children's birthday games also help them to develop their social skills. By taking turns or playing together, children learn to work as a team, share ideas and collaborate. These social skills are essential for their personal development. These birthday party games also build self-confidence. The games allow children to make unique and personal creations. Not only that, they encourage your children to communicate by working, imagining and creating with their friends as a team, explaining their ideas and sharing their emotions.

When children are playing children's games, they need to concentrate on what they are doing. This helps them to improve their concentration and develop their attention span.

Finally, these anniversary games help relieve stress. They can act as relaxation and stress relief for children. They can express themselves freely through art and creation, which can be soothing and beneficial to their well-being.

Unsurprisingly, children's birthday party activities are a great way to entertain children and liven up a birthday party. They add an extra dimension to the party by entertaining the children invited.

In short, creative games are essential at a birthday party to encourage children's overall development, allow them to have fun while learning, and create memories that will last a long time, but how do you choose them?

You need to consider the age of your children. Make sure the games you choose are age-appropriate. Games for toddlers will be different from those for older children. Younger children will need games that are simple and easy to understand, while older children will enjoy more complex activities. Also consider the interests of the birthday children. Take into account the interests and passions of the children invited.

Here are some ideas for birthday entertainment or games. For example, if they love pirates, you could organise a pirate treasure hunt, blindfolded or not. If some of them love art, a watercolour or craft activity might be appropriate, accompanied by soft music.

It's also important to think about the space you have available for the birthday party. Make sure that the games you choose can easily be played in the space available for the party. If you have a large garden, outdoor games such as ping pong or ball games can be a great option, but if it's raining or space is limited, opt for indoor games instead.

Offer a variety of games so that all children can participate and have fun. Mix physical games and activities to cater for children's different interests and preferences. Take the length of the games into account when planning the birthday party. Children generally have a short attention span, so choose games that aren't too long to keep them from getting bored.

Finally, choose games that allow all the children to participate actively, rather than games that exclude some of them. Provide prizes or rewards: to add a little excitement, provide small prizes or rewards for the winners of the games.

With these tips in mind, you can choose games that will ensure a fun and memorable birthday party for all the children present.

What games and activities should you organise for your children's birthday party?

Games can be great fun and stimulating at a children's birthday party. Here are some birthday party ideas for creative birthday games:

1. Hat making: Provide the children with paper hats, stickers, feathers, glitter and other decorations. Let them create their own personalised, original hat to match the party theme.

2. Painting workshop: Organise a painting session with canvases, brushes, paint or watercolours. The children can express their creativity by creating artistic works.

3. Make masks: Invite the children to create paper or cardboard masks using felt pens, glitter and feathers. They can then play with their masks during the party.

4. Making bracelets or necklaces: Arrange an assortment of beads, cords and coloured threads so that the children can make their own jewellery.

5. Modelling clay: Provide modelling clay and cookie cutters so they can create different shapes and characters.

6. Birthday card making: Offer a birthday card making activity for the birthday boy or girl. Provide coloured paper, stickers, markers and crayons so that the children can design special cards for your child.

7. Puppets: Help them make puppets out of socks, paper bags or sticks, then encourage them to invent and perform short plays.

8. Cupcake decorating: Organise a cupcake decorating activity. Children can use coloured icing, sprinkles, candies and other edible decorations to personalise their cupcakes.

9. Creative collage: Give them magazines, coloured paper, scissors and glue to create original collages.

Make sure you adapt these creative games to the age of the children and provide enough materials for everyone to take part. These activities will encourage their imagination and creativity while having fun together at the birthday party.

However, if you're looking for more physical activities, you can organise a space game, musical chairs, musical snooker, a race or dodgeball with balloons. Here are some birthday game ideas!

What birthday games does Rêves et Merveilles offer?

Rêves et Merveilles offers a wide variety of products to entertain the children at your toddler's party. There are a multitude of activities and accessories to suit all birthdays and children's party themes. You'll find superhero masks with silver glitter. A set of 4 masks is available to accessorise your toddlers' looks for a cartoon or superhero themed party. A Wild West activity is also available with a set of 4 Cow Boy and Sheriff masks. Another creative set includes 3 cowboy hats for your toddlers, as well as knight masks.

This type of set is ideal for your children to have fun dressed up as their favourite heroes.

What's more, the collection includes a range of activities for creating pictures. The circus, fairy tales and dinosaurs are the main themes of these sticker boards. Your children will be able to express their creativity through the design of these pictures.

Rêves et Merveilles also focuses on colouring, with circus activities and tap ball colouring. Children can then play with their own creations. From teepees to make, king's crowns to create or Indian bracelets to customise, the choice is yours.

Your little ones can also have fun creating and building princess castles or horse carousels.

Dinosaurs, animals, the Wild West and princesses are just some of the sets with a wide range of activities. And don't forget the treasure chests, which can also be customised.

Colouring and butterfly creations, pearl bracelets, pinatas and colouring tablecloths are just some of the items on our site.

Finally, several gift bags are available in the collection, so that every guest can take away their creations and lots of memories. Princesses, ballerinas, Spider Man, Barbie, Toy Story and many more are the stars of our birthday bags.

In short, to choose the best activity, refer to the theme chosen and then to the children's hobbies and that's it. Adapt the birthday games to the party space so that the children can enjoy them to the full. Rêves et Merveilles can help you with each of your children's birthdays with a wide variety of products and games. Colouring, bracelets, stickers, masks and much more are the highlights of our birthday games collection.

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