Arlequin décoration Birthday - Cupcakes and table decorations

The new meri meri "Toot Sweet" Harlequin cardboard tableware is the ideal decoration for a chic, festive and colourful birthday party!

Pretty coloured diamonds on the plates, napkins or paper cups, pointed turlututu hats, straws and paper tablecloths: the essentials to decorate your birthday table.

Our favourite: the cupcake kits with moulds for cupcakes and their fun, original toppers.

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How do you organise a Harlequin-themed children's birthday party?

Organising a Harlequin Carnival themed birthday party calls for colour and fun. For the Harlequin decoration, use tablecloths, table runners and wall decorations in bright colours and Harlequin motifs. For the rest of the decoration, you can hang balloons of different colours and shapes to create a festive atmosphere.

For the dress code, ask the children to wear colourful, festive outfits inspired by the Harlequin character. Guests could wear geometrically patterned clothes, eccentric hats and clown accessories.

Harlequin inspiration extends right down to the buffet. Set up candy or cupcake displays in Harlequin colours.

As for activities, you can organise theatre games where the children can create scenes in the style of Harlequin and the other comedia del arte characters.

Don't forget that the key to a Harlequin-themed party is creativity and playing with colours and geometric patterns.

Which Harlequin decoration is in stock on our site?

The Harlequin theme is very much in evidence at Rêves et Merveilles, with excellent value for money and fast, accurate delivery to many countries.

First of all, you have the cupcake kit with colours and decoration elements featuring the character. A second circus-themed cupcake kit is also available. And for decoration and dress code, hats in different colours are available. Circus-themed happy birthday hats are part of the collection. Sets of several hats are available, as well as coloured candles for the cake.

In terms of decoration, red and green mylar balloons are available to place around the venue. White paper baubles and gold confetti will add a touch of magic to the party. Garlands, napkins and cupcake stands are also available from Rêves et Merveilles.

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