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Hello Kitty was born in Japan in the 70s, and is a cute little cat with a red or pink ribbon on her head that makes children dream.

Our selection of Hello Kitty-themed birthday products reflects this girly world: paper plates, paper napkins and centrepieces to decorate your birthday table...
as well as balloons and decorative panels to make your little girl dream.


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How to create your own Hello Kitty birthday decoration?

Rêves et Merveilles can help you create a pretty Hello Kitty decoration. First of all, think about the colours you are going to use for the Hello Kitty birthday party. Hello Kitty birthday decorations are often associated with pink and white. Use these colours as a base for your birthday decoration. You can also add touches of red to highlight the emblematic Hello Kitty and charmmy kitty bows. 

Hello Kitty decoration also includes large balloons. Whether it's a balloon, a pink heart balloon, a pink balloon or Hello Kitty balloons, a hello kitty balloon is a must for this type of event. All these balloons are perfect for decorating a hello kitty birthday party.

You can also match garlands to the rest of the room. Use pink or white fairy lights for the Hello Kitty birthday party. You can also share a moment with your child by creating your own garland and decoration. Create a personalised pennant garland using pink and white card stock. Cut out pennants in the shape of a Hello Kitty head and join them together with string or ribbon to create a festive garland, perfect next to a kitty balloon.

For the Hello Kitty theme, you can also hang Hello Kitty posters on the walls to add height to the decor and the room. You can also cut out cardboard Hello Kitty silhouettes and hang them up for a personalised wall decoration.

You can also encourage the children to come in children's fancy dress so that they are completely immersed in the party.

Beforehand, don't forget to invite the children with a hello kitty card to put them straight into the world and theme chosen for the birthday party.

How do you make a pretty Hello Kitty girl's birthday table?

The table is an important part of your daughter's Hello Kitty theme. Whether it's the crockery, candles or table decorations, you can let your imagination run wild. Choose a pink or white tablecloth to cover the birthday table. Choose Hello Kitty plates, Hello Kitty cups and matching cutlery in the colours of the theme. If you wish, you can choose plain crockery and only personalise the rest of the table. Similarly, create an attractive centrepiece by arranging pink flowers in a Hello Kitty vase or using a floral arrangement with Hello Kitty bows and ribbons. You can also use balloon pink heart bouquets to echo the theme.

Finally, think about decorating the birthday cake. Instead of traditional birthday candles, you can use a Hello Kitty cake topper to decorate any birthday cake you like. What's more, go even further with a Hello Kitty birthday candle. The Hello Kitty candle or a pink birthday candle will add charm to the cake.

What does the Hello Kitty collection on our website consist of?

Rêves et Merveilles offers you all the products your Hello Kitty theme decoration needs. In fact, we offer several sets of personalised plates and napkins in the theme to customise your daughter's birthday table. What's more, a Hello Kitty decoration panel is available at the best price and with fast delivery to make a pretty wall decoration with a hello kitty cat. You can also set up a photo call at this point to give all the children at the party a nice souvenir. The Hello Kitty balloon is also part of the collection, as are star-shaped balloons and pink honeycomb balls to decorate the room and the birthday party. Finally, confetti and pennants are also available to bring all the magic that Hello Kitty birthdays need.

When it comes to Hello Kitty birthday decorations, remember to coordinate all the decorations. Colours, balloons, garlands and posters are all welcome at the party. Likewise, match the birthday table to the decoration of the room. Use Hello Kitty crockery and a colourful tablecloth and you're all set. Rêves et Merveilles can provide you with personalised crockery as well as balloons, confetti and garlands in the colours of your chosen theme.

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