Space Birthday Decor – Table Decor and Activities

Come aboard our spaceship... Get lost in the COSMOS... and become a perfect astronaut!

Candles, cupcakes and confetti for the perfect decoration... Space-themed cardboard tableware for a pretty table... and a magnificent astronaut suit straight from NASA.

And a few Superhero products to mix and match...

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Rêves & Merveilles - Créateur de rêves d'enfants

How do you decorate your child's birthday space? 

Today, Rêves et Merveilles embarks you on an intergalactic adventure by giving you the keys to prepare the best space-themed child birthday and wish him a happy birthday with a complete birthday kit!

In view of the spectacular planet theme and in order to have an ideal party decoration, you must impress the guests of your child with a dazzling decoration inspired by space. For space themed birthday, use planets shaped balloons on the ceiling (or aluminum balloon or aluminum rocket balloon), garlands of twinkling stars on the walls and giant cardboard rockets arranged in the 4 corners of the room for the astronaut birthday decoration. The child birthday decoration is very important to plunge your kid’s friends into the heart of space. Blue, silver, white and bright colors will be ideal to represent the astronaut birthday. You can also, after dark, turn on spotlights to fill the room with stars and magic. This type of decoration birthday space will make children dream.

Regarding the table decoration, use the same colors you chose for the decor birthday space on the walls and the rest of the room. You can make a table covered with a black tablecloth dotted with glittering stars and silver glitter. The space-themed children’s birthday table will take your children to the stars. Who says birthday, says meal, says birthday cake theme. For birthday cake decoration, add fantasy related to the theme. Or, go for it by creating a flying saucer or rocket shaped cake for the space birthday decoration.

How to organize your kid’s theme birthday party?

Once the astronaut birthday invitation has been sent and the decor imagined, a space-themed birthday party would not be complete without memorable activities. Children can participate in a space treasure hunt, where they have to solve puzzles to find lost objects in the galaxy. Another more manual activity can be proposed to them with the creation of paper rockets, planets or stars allowing everyone to design their own creation, their own galaxy and to leave with full memories of the space party. A cake creation activity can also be imagined where each child can create his personalized cake. Silver in color and starry shape, it’s up to him to imagine it while giving free rein to his ideas. Give him some decorative elements and voila!

At the end of the birthday, each guest can leave with gifts like a bag full of interstellar memories. Holiday bags will be filled with small gifts such as bright plastic stars, rocket-shaped keychains and books about space.

What is the space and galaxy collection of Rêves et Merveilles?

Rêves et Merveilles collection available is ideal and at the best price to immerse children in the heart of the decoration anniversary space. A kind of astronaut birthday kit, we offer sets of several plates and towels on the space theme that will energize the table decoration. In addition, confetti rockets, garlands spaces kit, cupcake sets meri meri as well as honeycomb balls and giant balloons are in stock and fast delivery to dream even bigger for your child’s birthday and birthday party decoration. Similarly, invitation sets are present to immerse children directly in the theme as soon as it is sent.

Following the activities, the winners will be able to receive their astronaut diplomas available directly from Rêves et Merveilles. Finally, several activities are available to accompany your children throughout their birthday with leisure activities always more entertaining, each one than the other.

The space-themed birthday is an extraordinary moment to share with friends. From the cosmic decoration to the tasting of an extraordinary cake, through exciting activities and stars in the room, every aspect of the party evokes a part of the universe. To do this, Rêves et Merveilles accompanies you to make live a memorable and magical moment for your child and his guests.

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