Wingreen - The most beautiful children's cabins and tipis made in UK

The lovely English brand Wingreen offers beautiful fabric huts, tents or Indian tipis for children. 

Wingreen is an English brand that offers an enchanted world of cotton huts and houses, Indian and Cowboy teepees, hanging tents and lodges.
These beautiful fabric houses are made in India by women living in rural areas.

Wingreen tents and houses can be used anywhere: in a child's room for a refined decoration or in a garden for a birthday or garden party.

0 Review(s)'s our NEW Woodland Wigwam! Designed in beautiful pastel colours, embroidered and appliqued with all your favourite creatures, including a fluffy-tailed bunny, lady bugs, buzzy bees and a happy hedgehog! 100% cotton. Easy to assemble with a light metal frame. Storage bag included.

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Rêves & Merveilles - Créateur de rêves d'enfants

Who is Wingreen? What is its universe and its products?

Wingreen is a beautiful English brand offering different types of huts for the children's room and the house. Through the different models of children's huts, you will find fabric huts, children's tents and children's tipis. Wingreen products have an excellent price-quality ratio. The fabrics used are of high quality and the frames are made of aluminium or wood. Very often, perfectly fitting floor mats are also available as an option for each collection. On the product description sheet with all the information, the mat is then offered to you in the list with the drop-down menu of options.

Let's take a look at the production of these huts!

The children's hut proposed by Wingreen is produced in India by women living in rural areas. Made of 100% cotton, these huts have a lot of charm and allow you to immerse your child in the universe of his choice like the pirate hut in fabric which will transform your little one into a real corsair or the one of the fairy house for your little girl.

What are the different models offered by the Wingreen brand?

Wingreen offers different visuals for its tents and for each product that the brand has imagined.

Rêves et Merveilles has selected the pink cowboy teepee tent. In pastel colours, Wingreen offers this children's tent with embroidery and high quality fabric. This play tent is available in several editions with other colours such as the Indian tipi in blue, beige and red or the wadiga version.

Simpler teepees are also available with the pink and white, ivory and white and blue and white striped children's teepee. This type of children's teepee is more practical for blending in with any type of décor, such as a pop up tent.

Wingreen also offers a pavilion-style house. With its romantic atmosphere, this house is our favourite. A large floor space is available so that your child can set up his or her toys as he or she wishes and has a large area to play in.

Finally, there are hanging tents available. The hanging tent is made of a blue, pink or pink striped gingham cotton fabric and is ideal for turning your child's bed into a real princess bed. A lovely fabric to create an imaginary and immersive world in your child's bedroom. These hanging tents will also be perfect as decoration above a baby's bed.

Where to install the Wingreen cabins, tepees and cabins?

You can set up the various tipis and huts wherever you like.

Machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about the hut being stained forever, depending on the surface you put it on.

You can place these huts in your child's bedroom. These teepees will add an original decoration to the room.

You can also set up the tent in your garden. For your children's birthday party or garden party, teepees are a highlight of the event. Children love cabins and they are perfect for creating a whole world for your toddler's birthday year after year.

In short, Wingreen is original, creative and practical. With the different visuals and universes, you can choose the model that best suits your child's style but also the decoration of his room.

Different models are available to suit the different tastes of your children.

Set up the tent in the space of your choice, whether it be in the bedroom, the playroom or in the garden for special events.

Wingreen teepees are perfect for letting your children's creativity and imagination run wild.

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